About us

        Axiom Solutions is a company giving opportunity to the companies to track their precious cargo, cars in the area, employees and as a result of this supporting effective management of operations.  

        Company provides vehicle tracking and auto traffic management services to the companies in Azerbaijan by establishing cooperation with Mobiliz Turkey's leading vehicle-tracking firm since 2012.

        Mobiliz, Turkcell Gold Partner, has become one of the most important companies in the international market by its most advanced mobile tracking and auto traffic management system.  


Our Purpose

        Purpose of our company is to provide high quality services to our customers by providing latest and high-quality service and products. We are trying to achieve our purposes constantly cooperating with our partners and customers by standing on the principles of loyalty, honesty, professionalism and diligence.    


How the System Works

        The system operates on the delivery of territorial information received from the GPS satellites (Global Positioning Systems) with various sensors and similar information gathered on the vehicles to any centre over GSM/GPRS and submission of this information to the users over the Internet.



Features of vehicle tracking system presented by Axiom Solutions Company:

  • The system runs entirely on the Internet and gives opportunity to monitor the activity of vehicles from any country and at any time of the day or night by entering user name and password on www.axiom.az site,
  • Is a system having the fastest tracking opportunity in its sector and transmits information every 4 seconds on most important circumstance,  
  • To track vehicles from all Mobile phone devices,
  • To identify with a single touch current and past location, speed and travelled distance of your vehicles in vehicle park at any time,
  • To track former route of the vehicle in the form of animation on digital map,
  • To store all information on previous  movement activity of your vehicles in the system during 500 days,
  • To use Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish languages,
  • Receive 33 types of report associated with the movement activity of vehicles,
  • Creation of virtual region, route and continuous visiting areas for the vehicles on digital map,
  • Application of rules asspeed limit and working hours to the vehicles,
  • Forwarding of report to the specified email address in violation of rules (working hours, speed limit etc.) applied by the system,
  • System creates a number of opportunities as remotely stopping of car, fuel tank monitoring and control of doors.  

There is no need to download additional software to view the current and previous actions of vehicle and reports.